Experienced & Highly skilled

Our experienced, highly skilled and very proud staff have measured, designed, cut, polished and installed thousands of stone benchtops, from small single piece vanities, to large architecturally designed kitchens and multi-unit fitouts.

We can make your stone surfaces 20mm thick for a contemporary streamlined effect at a great price, or we can mitre your stone to 100mm and beyond for that absolute Wow Factor! With our expertise, almost anything is possible. Come and talk to us about what you really want and we will do all we can to make it happen for you from 100% Stone.

We do our best to help the environment. We recycle all of our water and, with no MDF use we are able to only produce waste suitable for clean fill.

If you are under pressure, let us ease your burden. We have a turn-around time, second to none. Talk to us about how quickly we can make your kitchen complete.

Good after service

Art Direction

We have the machinery to polish (give a high gloss effect to), or hone (give a matt suede effect to), large surface areas of stone, to help deliver whatever look you are trying to achieve.

We not only promise your quality of our products, also give your the best design for the stone.